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An adventure where you can forget the rules of the road and ride wild over 10 hectares of terrain — specially adapted for 4x4 vehicles, veer off course and discover this multi-terrain pitch in the heart of the Bavarian countryside.

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It has sections for quad biking, enduro riding and all-terrain vehicles. It boasts 10 hectares of off-road trails on the singles geisingen of the Baaralb, northeast of Geisingen.

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Within this defined area there are exciting routes that have been prepared with different requirements and levels of difficulty. A training experience that veers off course and into the unknown, learn how to handle, manoeuvre, slalom and slide on this multi-terrain trail that has been specially designed for off-road and 4X4 singles geisingen.

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Conditions This activity is organised according to age and previous experience. Due to the custom nature of this private off-road park, beginner-advanced lessons can be provided in different parts of the park.

Be prepared to get really dirty, most trails singles geisingen very muddy or dusty and will require you to change after. No passengers are permitted and all quads are single seater only.

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