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Change selection Official notification of a trade or business; Registration of a trade or business If partnervermittlung gewerbe wish to start up a trade or business with a fixed location, you are under obligation to notify the competent government authorities.

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The duty to notify shall apply to the start of operation of a branch office or dependent branch and any relocation of the trade or business. Description Starting a self-employed independent partnervermittlung gewerbe or business normally requires only notification of the trade or business to the competent Chamber of Industry and Commerce or Chamber of Crafts or to the competent local authorities of the community partnervermittlung gewerbe the occupational activities are to be carried out cf.

Partnervermittlung gewerbe 14 Para. The set-up of vending machines of every description as a self-employed independent business requires notification to the competent public authorities in charge of the head office cf. The term "trade or business" shall be deemed to include any non-socially invalid i. partnervermittlung gewerbe

The duty to notify shall apply to any natural person including e. Trades or businesses requiring an official authorization e.

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Although certain trades or businesses do not require an official authorization, they are subject to supervision of their activities by the public authorities the so-called trade or businesses requiring official authorization acc. This applies notably to the following branches of trade or industry: In case of registration of a trade or business partnervermittlung gewerbe special supervision, the respective tradesperson's or businessperson's reliability will be investigated immediately.

Official notification of a trade or business; Registration of a trade or business

The applicant is therefore under obligation to apply for issuance of a certificate of good conduct cf. Article 30, Para. Article Para.

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All foreign applicants are under obligation to produce comparable written certificates of reliability i. The duty to notify shall apply to commercial traveling activities requiring an itinerant trade license.

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However, the duty to notify may apply to certain activities not requiring an itinerant trade license e. Each registration of a trade or business must be made in writing, using the standard form provided.

Receipt of the registration of a trade or business will be acknowledged by the competent public authority. Every registration of a trade or business will also be notified to other authorities e. Partnervermittlung gewerbe Legal age or permit by the guardianship court Deadlines Notification must be made prior to starting the trade or business activities. Required documents Identity card or passport copy For legal entities: Excerpt from partnervermittlung gewerbe commercial register or comparable registration documents from abroad including a certified translation into the German language For BGB companies: Articles of association For limited liability companies in the course of incorporation: For partnervermittlung gewerbe or businesses requiring special supervision: Certificate of good conduct and extract from the Central Register of Trade and Industrial Offenses if necessary, the written certificates of reliability may be replaced by an affidavit or similar acts Minors: Power of attorney or permit by the guardianship court Authorization: Written power of attorney and the ID cards of both the grantor of the power of attorney and the grantee of the power of attorney Non-EU foreign nationals: Residence title permitting self-employed independent activities Foreign nationals: Written certificates of reliability issued by the country of origin, as a certified copy and with a certified translation partnervermittlung gewerbe the German single frau zwickau E.

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Gewerbeanmeldung mit Ausfüllassistent Please note This form requires no signature. You can sent it electronically e. Form, Bavaria-wide: Registration of a trade or business Please note This form requires no signature. Notification in accordance with Article 17 of the German Federal Partnervermittlung gewerbe Law and important instructions Please note This form requires no signature.

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