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Celluloseacetate CA Low protein-binding, well suited for sterile filtration and clarification of aqueous solutions, nutrient media, buffers, and sera, they provide superior chemical resistance to alcohol and oil. Cellulosenitrate CN Cellulose nitrate membranes set the standard in both analytical and microbiological filtration.

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Cellulose nitrate is available in a range of pore sizes and is well suited for microbial analysis in water, food and beverage applications. Available in dispenser strips or individually sealed.

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Polyamide PA Membranes are hydrophilic and are widely used in both aqueous and organic solvent filtration applications. Well suited for sterilization and clarification of buffers and nutrient media with a low level of extractables.

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Polycarbonate PC PC membranes have uniform, smooth-bore, round pores that pass straight through the membrane creating a precise capillary structure. The smooth, flat surface of the PC membrane kennenlernen means in english high visibility of captured particles.

Polytetrafluorethylen PTFE Permanently hydrophobic filter material, very suitable for air and gas filtration. PTFE membranes are extremely resistant to aggressive solvents and acids and can be used to filter particulate from both liquid and gas samples. Regenerated Cellulose RC Regenerated cellulose kennenlernen means in english are resistant to solvents and are hydrophilic.

Syringe Filter The filter materials used for syringe filters are equivalent to the ones kennenlernen means in english in membrane filters.

kennenlernen means in english